RattleSnake Avoidance Training


Robert offers this training privately at your home.  Robert will bring a rattlesnake expert to your home with live (contained) rattlesnakes.  The training will be done in your yard and around your home to give your dog the proximity training to understand that he or she must avoid these snakes.

Remember, rattlesnake training MUST be done with live rattlesnakes.  Often times trainers will use plastic snakes, dead snakes or other breeds of snake – none of which teach the dog what he needs to learn to stay safe.  It is crucial that the dog see the picture clearly and be taught properly.  This training is precise and must be handled by a skilled professional.

*** Robert’s training uses local, live rattlesnakes that are muzzled / caged humanely and then placed in specific areas (determined by our experience) where your dog will walk upon them.

For more information about this training or to register for an upcoming workshop, please send an email or call to schedule.

Some important things to remember:

• Dogs can still be bitten once trained.  There is no 100% guarantee.

• Dogs are trained to avoid the snake, but if a dog stumbles upon a snake by accident, the snake may still opt to bite.

• Proper training teaches dogs to avoid the snake.  Your dog will not “indicate” that they saw a snake and point it out to you.  More than likely your dog will simply avoid a specific area where a snake may be.  Be aware of subtle signs and pay attention to your dog.

*** Rattlesnake avoidance training uses electronic stimulation collars to train your dog to avoid contact with rattlesnakes.  This is a safe, humane way to teach your dog.  If you are against this type of training, please do not register.


[x_text]Please watch the video above of a dog that has been trained to avoid rattlesnakes.[/x_text]