Dog Training

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The only way dog training can be effective is if it is fair to the dog and easily understood by the human.  Making training complicated results in frustration and little to no results.

Training your dog should be the most fun activity for both of you, and it should be done on a regular basis.  That is why teaching training through games is highly effective for both humans and dogs.

Robert’s method of training dogs is first and foremost fun and something that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Whether you wish to learn competitive obedience, make your dog a perfect pet or just solve some problems that your best friend is having, training sessions with Robert are the answer.

Training is broken down into a clear format that can be started at any time from puppy to adult, with new dogs or dogs you’ve lived with for years.  You and your dog will learn together and through this training will form a bond that is unsurpassed by all other dog training methods.

Every aspect is covered including structure, obedience, distractions and reinforcement.  No matter what your level of experience, you will learn the proper technique to train your dog and relate to him in a constructive and beneficial way.  This unique program was developed by Robert and has been effective in even the most stubborn dogs.

The Black Belt System is a multiphase program that teaches you the basics of relationship and continues through all aspects of training.  The program uses a balanced motivational approach to inspire both you and your dog to become the best you both can be.  The program is fun and rewarding and uses techniques that are simple to understand and apply.  Best of all it’s very fair to your dog.  The approach is simple and makes training and relating to your dog a joy instead of a chore.

The training of your dog should always start with a treat and a toy, where it goes from there is up to the dog.

Dog Obedience Training:   Obedience sessions are designed to teach both you and your dog to function as a team by forming a cohesive bond.   It’s more than just getting your dog to sit and stay; these sessions will create a relationship which encourages your dog to listen, understand, learn and enjoy the training process and live a happier life with you.  These sessions will help you become the “trainer” of your dog and your dog will see you as such.

Behavior  Sessions:   These sessions focus on understanding the overall behavior of your dog and addressing any potential behavior problems troubling your dog.  These issues may include aggression, fear, dominance, separation anxiety, lack of bonding and other behaviors that are keeping your dog from living the happy life you both want.  Robert suggests that every person start with at least one behavior session to develop and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Sessions are booked as private / in-home training sessions.  An initial session /consultation will identify and address your specific issue, from there a specific training regimen can be set up for you and your dog.
Robert recommends 3-4 sessions to address the training of most behaviors.

Coaching Sessions:  Coaching sessions are the final piece of the training puzzle.  Coaching sessions are touch up / polishing sessions that put the finishing touches on your relationship and your training routine.  Remember, even Olympic athletes have coaches… and so should you and your dog.

To book a session with Robert please use the contact number below or click on contact above and fill out the contact request form. 

• In-home sessions in the local Malibu area are priced at $255 per session.  You may choose to integrate the training of multiple dogs into one session.  Each additional dog is $75 extra.
For sessions outside of the Malibu area a drive fee applies ($50 minimum).

• Intensive behavior and training packages are available, this includes email and phone support,

please ask about availability.

• Sessions must be booked and paid in advance.
A 24 hour cancellation courtesy is required otherwise the session fee is forfeited.

*** pre-paid training sessions / packages expire 3 months from the date of purchase***

A Portion of Proceeds is Dedicated to Robert’s work with
Bound Angels -Rescuing Shelter Dogs