I refer him regularly as a trainer with amazing “dog” intuition and someone who can get the job done. But don’t be fooled, if there is work to be done by the owner, he doesn’t pull the punches. He is straight forward and honest and I trust him.
He is truly man’s man’s best friend. Thank you Robert for all you do and giving me hope for our canine friends.
Dr. Lisa Newell

Malibu Coast Animal Hospital

Thank you sincerely Robert for your training session and continued advice on Dora and Burton. It is hard to believe that after just one month of first meeting with you, the tremendous progress Dora and Burton have made. They are now able to play together outside like bulldogs should and are on their way to becoming great friends. In fact, they even played together in the house tonight while Burton was allowed time out of his crate. It is hard to believe that they literally were trying to attack each other instantly if even near one another other a month ago.
Carley Saelinger, VMD, DACVIM Cardiology

Thanks to Robert Cabral and his Black Belt dog training, our beautiful shelter dog has a chance of a new life with his forever home.
“Sparky” required immediate assessment and correction for aggressive fear behaviors, which were discovered by Robert upon his first visit to our home.
Saving one dog at a time is a blessing, especially since the dog saved is our beloved mutt. Without Robert’s intervention, we doubt that “Sparky” would have survived, so we cannot recommend Robert’s methods enough. Kudos to Robert.
Peter & Heather Higgins & Sparky
Malibu CA

Without reservations, Robert Cabral surpasses the level set by others who think they know anything about dog training. No one ever did for an animal and for myself what he has done, he’s made me understand the why’s and the very nature of dogs. He is a stand alone act because he produces a level of skill & competence that is rare in any field. Because he has such a deep and spiritual understanding of animals, he gets results quickly. Robert has made training fun for me and for my Rosie and I now look forward to our training time together. Rosie is happier and safer today because Robert set us on the right path. I’m so grateful to Robert for opening up another world of pleasure for us.
Dolores Rivellino Walsh

The Godmother of Malibu, Inc

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